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Showcase: Tin Hearts

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 12:45:50 PM

We're very excited to announce that we will be joined by Rogue Sun, who will be showcasing a demo of their upcoming VR title, Tin Hearts!

Tin Hearts

Tin Hearts is a strange mix between things like Lemmings, The Witness and Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". You assume the role of a mysterious spirit, tasked with leading squads of tiny magical toy soldiers through a series of beautifully realised rooms. Soon you discover that the soldiers are leading you as much as you're leading them. They're leading you on a journey of discovery, as you learn truths about the family who used to live in these rooms. Truths that will warm your heart as much as they will break it. It's a modern, relatable story, about the struggle of balancing creative ambition with the realities of life, yet it's told through the context of a fantastical puzzle game set in a Victorian world full of magic and mystery.

About Rogue Sun

We're Rogue Sun, a new team of digital dreamers based in leafy Guildford, UK. We say "new", actually, when you add up all the years we've each been making games for, you'll be getting dangerously close to triple digits! We're proud to have spent many of those years at one of history's most beloved game development houses, that of Lionhead Studios, some of us all the way up to its closure. All great things come to an end though, but often even greater things take their place! We hope you'll join us in writing a new chapter in the tome of Video Games. Our first game is a lovingly handcrafted experience aiming to warm your heart as much as it will tickle your brain. We're making it exclusively for VR, the exciting new platform that puts you, the player, inside the game!

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