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Spotlight on: Moov2

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 12:15:00 PM

A small gaggle of web and mobile developers/designers based near Southampton make up Moov2: the team behind Rocket Jump Events.

Why Rocket Jump Events?

The focus of these events is to bring together the talented gamedev community for an evening of informative talks, showcasing and networking.

The hope is that by bringing the right audience together, Moov2 have a much better platform on which to establish relationships within the gamedev community and showcase what they can bring to the table.

What can Moov2 bring to the table?

We recognise the best game experiences are supported by the best extended experiences. By this we mean the use of mobile, web and social tools to compliment and enhance player acquisition and engagement.

From the first time a user hears about your game right through to their 100% completion and beyond, we focus on the extended experience so you can remain focused on doing what you do best - making world class games.

For example?

  • Companion web and mobile apps
  • Player stats
  • Guild formation and management tools
  • Community forums, social tools, content aggregators
  • User generated content reward and recognition systems
  • Mobile phone integration - real time calls/sms interactions

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on:

Fable Legends

Lionhead Studios chose Moov2 as their website development partner for Fable Legends. Sadly, Microsoft recently pulled the plug on both the studio and the game before it made it to release. But for X months Moov2 played an integral part in developing and maintaining a website that stood up to huge amounts of traffic during E3 and beta signups.

Mobile first
We took a mobile-first approach to the website, ensuring it looked and worked well across multiple devices, including Xbox One. This was particularly important when Fable Legends was featured on the Xbox One dashboard, with tens of thousands of gamers visiting the website using their console.

Content Management The website had to cater for content manageability as new details about the game were going to be released frequently. We built the site using the Orchard framework which afforded the great levels of customisation that were required. Custom modules were developed to facilitate many of the sites features including character animations, video backgrounds and social Facebook/Twitter feeds.

Cloud hosting Due to such large volumes of traffic visiting the site Lionhead opted to use Microsoft’s Azure hosting platform, which can be scaled up to suit the expected capacity. This infrastructure coupled with some effective use of Orchard’s Azure integration allowed the website to stand up to the huge demand users placed on it.

For more information, check out the Moov2 website.

Companion apps

We know that companion apps are going to play a huge part in the future of gaming, so we created our own extended experience for League of Legends!

Our app: LoL Compare, allows you to compare yourself (there’s a clue in the name) against any other Legends player using average scores from your last 10 games.

We developed the app for three different platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. A consistent look and feel was developed across the three platforms, whilst honouring the navigational differences of each.

For more information, check out the LoL Compare website.