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Speaker info: Lottie Bevan

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 3:05:00 PM

We're delighted to announce Lottie as one of our speakers at our London event...

About Lottie

Lottie Bevan is a producer at Failbetter Games. Her primary concerns are Fallen London, Sunless Sea and a number of projects writ in the arcane ink of K’gil’mnon (read: coming out soon!). Her latest project is the long-awaited Fallen London port to mobile, releasing this April on the App Store.

Lottie has worked across a variety of promotional and commercial games since starting out as a client-work games producer in 2014. She's also acted as games consultant for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

You can find her bumbling around at conferences or, more reliably, @tronbevan on Twitter.

Facebook: Lottie Bevan | Follow Lottie on Twitter

Talk details

An Exceptional Story: porting Fallen London to mobile

Fallen London is a literary browser-based RPG about bats, Queen Victoria and a mysterious inability to die. Failbetter Games launched it seven years ago: now it’s an award-winning title bringing in ~£500k/year and it’s days away from relaunching as a cross-playable mobile app.

This talk covers (briefly!) the trials and tribulations of porting a living, breathing, ever-growing game to mobile. Using Fallen London as a case study, it will go through Failbetter’s reasons for and against porting, citing things we’d do again and things we, er, probably wouldn’t.

The talk aims to give attendees concrete examples and advice for their own mobile development in future, detailing Fallen London mobile’s production, experience and takeaways.