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Speaker info: Kirsty Endfield

Thursday, March 24, 2016 4:13:07 PM

We're very happy to announce Kirsty as a speaker at our London event...

About Kirsty

Kirsty is Founder & Director of Swipe Right PR – the Entertainment Technology Agency that offers everything from Corporate Communications and Events Management, right through to Brand PR and Marketing.

As a 6-year PR veteran in videogames, entertainment & technology, Kirsty has a wealth of experience in marketing and outreach strategies, with incredibly strong ties to industry press and media. She has been at the fore-front of emerging industries such as eSports, and can create, execute and troubleshoot campaigns spanning from mobile to mainstream.

Kirsty’s previous projects include product launches, large-scale community events, as well as executing and managing strategies across multiple platforms, with multiple international partners and agencies.

She has worked with everyone from Blizzard, Gamer Network & Oculus, to GREE, Gfinity, giffgaff and Riot.

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