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Speaker info: Amy Graves

Monday, October 30, 2017 3:41:00 PM

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, Amy can longer attend. We hope to involve Amy at a future event and are currently sourcing a replacement speaker.

How to build a community around your game

Building a community and all the things which go with it: social media and creating content pre-launch, promoting your game and talking to the fans, reaching out to influencers, very brief do’s and don’ts in PR and building awareness of your game – community is important and making yourself a presence online is a good way to show off your game and get a buzz of excitement around the game before the game is even out!

Amy Graves

Square Enix, Community Manager

I have been working with indie developers for 3 years now and although my role is community manager I like to think I have enough experience within various sectors of the indie scene, I have worked with a large selection of indie developers helping them promote, build communities, create their own unique brands and publish their games. I have also helped a handful of developers create successful Kickstarter campaigns, reach their goal and smash through their stretch goals. My passion is indie games, I absolutely love working with indie developers and watching their creative work come to life and help them come up with campaigns which show off their game to its full potential.

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