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Showcase: Blockships

Friday, October 7, 2016 2:14:00 PM

Dr Davient is a one man studio fronted by Dave Cooper. Dave has been in academia for 18 years, the last 6 of which he spent in Beijing teaching video game design and development and editing a scientific journal. Now he's putting his money where his mouth is and preparing to release his first commercial title: Blockships.

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The illegitimate love child of Space Invaders and Tetris.

A game about building the biggest baddest ship by blasting your buddies to bits and stealing their blocks. It is a local multiplayer party-arena game that challenges you to strike the right balance between speed, power, manoeuvrability, and of course fun :)

"Why do do the bad guys always drop power ups?" Surely blasting to victory using the fallen remnants of your defeated foes would be more fun! Build up your core to take down enemy ships. Grab guns to Blast 'em to bits, add Engines to speed up and give them the slip - or ram them head on and expose their weaknesses. Or bolster your ship with Power Cells and grow to enormous size. Protect your Core at all costs!

Each ship configuration has strengths and weaknesses and is almost infinitely reconfigurable. Experiment with multiple different strategies and rapid reconfigurations to overcome enemy tactics. Beat their firepower with speed, and their speed with size in an infinite number of ship combinations - sometimes its full speed ahead, sometimes its cut and run, and victory can be yours balanced on the barrel of a Gun.

  • Local Multiplayer
  • Network Multiplayer (in Progress)
  • Single Player Skirmish Mode (In Progress)
  • Arcade Fun
  • Multiple New Block Types on the Way (3 more at Launch)