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Showcase: Apparance

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 3:06:06 PM

A real-time, fully interactive, node-based visual programming system for procedural generation. Automatic detail refinement allows huge, highly detailed worlds to be created on-the-fly.

Since the Bournemouth showcase in 2016, the project has moved on to development of object placement and geometry generation plugins for the Unreal and Unity game engines.

Come along for a chat and see how Apparance and procedural generation techniques can help you build richer, more detailed games, faster.

More information, examples, and a downloadable demo to explore (with tutorials) are available at www.apparance.uk.

Apparance Studio

Apparance is being developed by Sam Swain who has worked as a senior programmer writing tools and technology for several high-profile companies including Lionhead (Fable) and Elixir (Republic).

Sam is passionate about procedural generation and the power of good tools to empower creative people. Starting off only working on it in his spare time, he has been developing Apparance both full-time and part-time since 2012.