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Showcase: Apparance

Friday, October 7, 2016 12:45:00 PM

Project Apparance

An experiment in real-time procedural generation, asset-less interactive editing, highly detailed visualisation, data driven modelling, and live editing.

Procedural technology for creating large scale worlds full of intricately detailed content. Ultimately populating them with powerful mechanisms and interactive machines.

The intent is to involve individuals and small teams who would like to try working procedurally to increase the quantity and richness of game content available to them.

Apparance Studio

Sam Swain has worked as a senior programmer on numerous projects at Lionhead Studios (Fable) and Elixir Studios (Republic).

He has been developing this procedural technology in his spare time for over five years.

The closure of Lionhead earlier this year provided the impetus and opportunity for him to pursue full-time development of the project.