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Panel: Life after Lionhead

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 10:54:00 AM

Our final session for our Business of Indie Games is a fireside chat with some local legends with a previous tenure at Guildford's former AAA darling, Lionhead Studios. All of the folks on our final panel have, since their time at Lionhead, had the opportunity to work at or run Indie Games studios. This informal chat will be a combination of comparing and contrasting the worlds of AAA and Indie with a side serving of reminiscing and in-jokes. Not to be missed!

Ben Huskins

Lead Designer, Two Point Studios

Ben has a long and glittering career in videogames, working integrally on the Fable series and The Movies at Lionhead before joining Two Point Studios as Lead Designer. Their first game, Two Point Hospital, was released in 2018.

Follow Ben on Twitter @benhuskins

Ian Faichnie

Senior Artist, Two Point Studios

My career in games spans around 30 years starting as a freelance artist on the Commodore 64 right through to my current work on Two Point Hospital.

I have worked at all levels of Artist within the games industry ranging from Standard Artist right through to Art Director and in many areas from 2D sprites through to high end fmv.

I've been employed at a number of companies including 14 years at Lionhead, Sony, Mindscape, Acclaim, Bullfrog and EA as well as some smaller less known operations.

I have held posts ranging from Standard Artist right through to Art Director and I've worked on c25 released titles ranging from small titles through to 5 AAA titles including the entire Fable series, Black and White 2, Wing Commander, Theme Park and conversions of Quake and various Mario titles as well as some great games that never made it such as Dungeon Keeper 3.

Find Ian on LinkedIn

Jim Unwin

User Experience Person, Glowmade

I like working with people and making things. Previously I have helped build the Playstation 4 console, music and video services, sports wearables and the LittleBigPlanet game franchise.

Follow Jim on Twitter @jim_unwin

Charles Griffiths

Design Director, Cavalier Game Studios

Charles is the Design Director and one of the founders of Cavalier Game Studios, creators of the time-looping narrative puzzler "The Sexy Brutale". Released in 2017, "The Sexy Brutale" received multiple BAFTA nominations, a Famitsu Gold Award and one of the very few "10 out of 10" reviews ever given by critic Jim Sterling.

Formerly a Game Designer at Lionhead Studios and Electronic Arts - Charles has worked on the design teams for numerous multimillion selling games, including "Fable 2" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".

Charles was one of BAFTA's 2011 "Brits To Watch", an initiative showcasing British talent to the international industry, and has also previously featured in Develop magazine's "30 Under 30".

Follow Charles on Twitter @Charles_Griff