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Jordan Erica Webber to host Brighton event

Monday, November 16, 2015 6:05:00 PM

Photo credit: Ashley Bird - http://www.ashleybird.com/

Introducing your host for the evening, Jordan Erica Webber.

After listening to the great work done at GameCity's "Wake Up with the Guardian" this year, we realised we didn't want to just throw our speakers to the stage and hope everything turned out. So we contacted Jordan to see if she might be interested in helping us out by hosting the evening. Fortunately she said yes so will be looking after our attendees, speakers and generally ensuring everyone is informed, entertained and getting the most out of the evening.

About Jordan

Jordan Erica Webber writes about games for publications like the Guardian, the Observer, and PC Gamer, and has hosted events like Radius Festival, the European Women in Games conference, and GameCity's Wake Up with the Guardian.

JordanWebber.com | Follow Jordan on Twitter