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Introducing Rocket Jump Events

Thursday, October 1, 2015 3:10:00 PM

Hello! Welcome to Rocket Jump Events, we’re a new event series aimed at games industry professionals. Rocket Jump Events will offer an evening of inspiring and motivational talks from prominent speakers within the games industry. Our aim is to create a place for those working in games studios to meet, network and learn together. No sales pitches (although we will be showcasing each area’s local studios), just genuine sharing of knowledge and lessons learned within this exciting industry.

We understand events are often inaccessible by being difficult to get to or prohibitively expensive which is why Rocket Jump Events are free to those working in the industry (get in touch for a code) and we’re starting with three initial events across key games industry locations in the south. The first events will be held in Brighton, London and Guildford and if they prove popular we’ll be looking to host more in other towns.

Find out more about the reasons for Rocket Jump Events on Dan’s blog.

Grab your ticket now.

We’ll be sharing more news regularly so check back soon and feel free to follow us on Twitter @rocketjumpevent or contact us with any questions info@rocketjumpevents.com.